Preconception Peer Educators (PPE) Program:

Since research has shown that preconception health is one of the most important and less emphasized aspects influencing birth outcomes and maternal and infant health, we are retooling our campaign to start earlier in women and men’s lives. Working with college age population, and enlisting college students as peer educators not only in college campuses but also in the community at large will help disseminate essential preconception health messages that may seem too foreign for a population that may not be actively seeking to start a family. Because over 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned, it is imperative to provide all women, and in particular sexually active women and their partners, with information to make timely, informed decisions about their reproductive futures.  For more updates on this program see the Highlights section on our site.

CenteringPregnancy® Model

Through a 2010 March of Dimes Community Grant focusing on risk reduction during pregnancy, the Women and Infant Vitality Network has implemented an expansion of the CenteringPregnancy® model in Cincinnati/Hamilton County. The Network launched programs in partnership with University Hospital and The Christ Hospital and in 2011 expanded to include Healthy Beginnings, Inc.  The Network has expanded CenteringPregnancy to the three new sites to complement the existing site at Tri-Health Nurse Midwives, which was also launched through a March of Dimes grant. The program will serve over 200 at risk women. University Hospital has recently received conditional site approval from the Centering Healthcare Institute.  For more updates on this program see the Highlights section on our site.


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