Futures not Funerals

Hear the facts on infant mortality in the greater Cincinnati area.

Need more convincing?

2009 Ohio Infant Mortality Task Force Report Findings

  • Ohio’s African-American infants die at more than twice the rate of white infants.
  • Ohio’s death rate for white infants alone is two to three times that of all infants in some nations.
  • A shortage of women’s health providers in many areas of the state results in long waits for prenatal care and long drives to primary care and delivery hospitals for many Ohio women.
  • Many Ohio women have no reproductive health care coverage.
  • Medical interventions known to be effective in preventing premature delivery are not being applied universally.
  • Gaps exist in data that affect our ability to fully understand and impact infant mortality.
  • Many Ohioans are unaware of the relationship between preventive health care for women, and successful pregnancies which produce healthy infants.



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