REAL Women of Cincinnati

15 Nov

WOMEN & INFANT VITALITY NETWORK has formed an initiative in response to findings from the Rise Sister Rise Research Study conducted with African American girls in four Ohio cities.  REAL Women of Cincinnati began on July 25, 1011, when Cynthia Smith, Director of Women & Infant Vitality Network, gathered a group of women to hear the facts about women’s health and infant mortality in Hamilton County, review the findings of the Rise Sister Rise study, and discuss the potential for using this information to improve birth outcomes among African American women in Hamilton County.  The group decided to draw from their own experiences of resiliency and use community connections to engage and support Hamilton County girls in the promotion of physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness activities.    

Since July, the REAL Women initiative has mobilized two dozen women with diverse areas of expertise and a desire to give back.  They have begun to compile an inventory of girls’ programs and services in preparation for a Networking Resource Fair, and arranged for a Rise Sister Rise Data sharing session on Friday, November 18, 2011.      

For more information contact:  Cynthia.Smith@hamilton-co.orgor call (513) 946-7901. 

REAL Women of Cincinnati Participants 

          “REAL – Reaching out to Elevate and Advocate for Love of self”

 Cynthia Smith                                                Karen Bankston

Laura Ford-Harris                                         A.J. Office

Ruby Crawford-Hemphill                              Terresa Adams

Tracy Stillwell                                                Evelyn Sears

Monica Burns                                                Gail Lewis

Phylesha White                                              Faye McEwen

Lisa May Evans                                             Rev. Almetric Terry

Anita Brentley                                                Kim Sullivan

Stephanie Byrd                                              Terri Betts

Gwen Robinson-Benning                               Willie Rose Haywood-Alexander

Annie Ruth                                                     Toilynn O’Neal

Monica Mitchell                                            Jenny Laster

Just-ArNetta                                                  Melissa Graves

Tammie Pavlik-Maus                                    Belinda Carter


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